Masquerade Night - Gala Event (1)
Feb 20, 2020, 6:00 PM
Charles Schusterman Jewish Community Cen


Esteban Goldzweig



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Executive Director Jewish Federation of Tulsa


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Sonia Gonzalez

The emergence of new communication technology and social trends have contributed significantly to the development of our society but also has brought negative consequences, such as lack of direct family communication and interaction affecting the family and the community.


Despite living in the same house, a family today may be lacking the sense of a home. This estrangement between parents and children has increased because we have yielded to the charm of electronics.  


The problems in our youth are increasing due to this lack of proper communication.  Obesity, loss of values, abuse of drugs, violence and bullying are just some of the consequences that should make all of us feel concerned. Our children and grandchildren will be those who will be in charge in the near future. Do they have the tools to make it right?


In Stronger Families USA we believe that we can take advantage of this same technology and turn it around in favor of the families in our community.   We know that is through education, prevention and sharing of information that we can regain those lost family values.


Through a structural plan families will be offered audiovisual, educational materials (for TV, Radio and Social Media) that will enrich communication and constern people heart bringing them back to the main fabric of family values.


On February 20, we will introduce Stronger Families USA, a non-profit organization. It will be an honor to have you as our guest. With your help, we can build better Oklahoma.







Esteban Goldzweig, President